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"Kawai" in actuality, is not a Japanese word at all. It is usually a misspelling of one of the following:
1. "Kawaii" which means "cute" in Japanese;
2. "Kowai" which means "scary" in Japanese;
3. "I'm a crazy fangirl who does not care look into the actual Japanese language."

Sou da ne?
CrZFnnGrrl27: kawai desu ne?
nHongoD3kiRu: sore wa dou yuu imi desu ka?
CrZFnnGrrl27: ? :P
CrZFnnGrrl27: i dont actually know japanese.
nHongoD3kiru: i can tell.
by heterosexualrainbow April 16, 2009
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Kawai (Shigeru Kawai) is a famous instrument manufacturer based in Hamamatsu, Shizuoka, Japan. It is famous for it's grand- and upright pianos. Kawai pianos are well known for their clean and crisp sound, which most japanese people prefer over the deep sound of a Bössendorfer, or the dirty sound of a Steinway.
I prefer Kawai over Bössendorfer, I like the clean and crisp sound way better than the deep sound of a Bössendorfer.
by Xyko November 17, 2015
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in hawaiian, ka means the and wai means water. so kawai literally means the water. if you break it down even further, wai means any liquid other than ocean water. so technically kawai could mean a lot more.

the hawaiian name Kawai was sort of made famous from a Hawaiian singer Kawai Cockett.

Kawai is also the name of a famous piano company.
eh brah, dat kawai guy pretty haole for one hawaiian.
by Kawai August 21, 2005
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Kawai is a common Japanese surname, with multiple possible writings and different meanings depending on the writing. Do not confuse with the word "kawaii" which means "cute".
Kenji Kawai is a great composer.
by Blargargh July 04, 2016
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This is the Japanese word for "cute." It on the ever growing list of annoying Japanese words that many people use in attempts to make themselves seem more knowledgable about anime and/or Japanese culture.

See also: neko, baka, dame, kuso, sugoi
When she started spouting random Japanese words like "kawai," I wanted to throttle her. If she's interested, she should actually learn Japanese, instead of making a mockery of it.
by Draque December 09, 2004
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Kawai means scary in Japanese. However this word is often mistaken with the word 'kawaii', which means cute.
"That movie was so kawai!"
by Lykaios February 01, 2007
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