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The sound that a vorpal blade makes in mimsy borogoves.
The vorpal blade went snicker-snack!
by draque February 18, 2005

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To "deep 6" a person is to kill them. Typically a euphamism used in terms of organized crime. The phrase comes from the fact that people are traditionally burried 6 feet undergound after death.

syn: off, whack, snuff
I need Johnny to be out of my way. Deep 6 the poor bastard.
by Draque December 10, 2004

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An increasingly popular genre of Science Fiction. The term is largely self explanatory in that a space opera is a drama that is simply put in the context of science fiction. Although it can be "hard" science fiction, space operas typically focus on the characters to a point where the actual setting (space obviously, but more specifically, a technological future) is largely unimportant.
Have you seen Cowboy Bebop or that new Battlestar Galactica show?

No, I've never been a fan of space operas.
by draque February 15, 2005

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A "rehabilitation" center that homosexuals are sent to. These centers are supposed to "cure" them of homosexuality. They are not very nice places, and looked down on by most intelligent members of the human race. Primarily used by the gay community as a derogatory term for the institutions.
"Whatever happened to Fred? He never hangs out with us any more."

"Didn't you hear? his father caught him and his boyfriend making out and sent him to a fag farm."
by draque February 18, 2005

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Case Western Reserve University:

Where dreams go to die.

Case is primarily a school of engineering. It is a place that few with souls choose to go. Those foolish enough to attend this place of learning with any part that lasts forever are soon stripped of it.
Wow. You seem so dull and lifeless now... you've been sCWRUed.
by draque April 10, 2005

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A derogatory term for an Australian.
Look at that stupid dingo fucker with his outback hat.
by Draque December 06, 2004

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A fictional species related to dragons created by Casey Young. Extremely sexy.

Also see: sexah, sexeh
Sasha Alexian is a sexah-sweet Kuvrahk.
by Draque December 11, 2004

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