The root of a plant from the South Pacific that has mild psychoactive effects. The root was traditionally chewed, but is now ground and sold world wide as tea or in capsules. It acts as a mild sedative, and is used as an herbal remedy for anxiety. It is also used in traditional ceremonies in Hawaii and other Pacific islands. Although there has not been significant evidence, there have been claims that kava may cause liver damage.
Dave takes kava for anxiety.
by satanlicker July 10, 2006
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the best shop in greece! You can get drinks, aids a third degree murger charge in there!
We went to the kava yesterday, i got a monster energy can and an improvised bomb
by maoist1966 March 5, 2021
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roots of a kava tree ground up into powder and mixed with water to create a drink. Kava is very poular in Fiji and has mild effects such as numbing and slighty diziness. But if drunken in large quantitys has very many of the same effects as pot. It is a muddy brown color and tastes lik a mixture of dirt and water because it basically is.
I drank 17 shots of kava last night and got so dizy i passed out.
by Lainey October 28, 2007
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A drink made from the roots of a plant that's quite popular in fiji and the south pacific.

Its more of a social drink which pacific islanders take to merry-make @ social/tradtional events

Muddy brown in colour and quite sour and nasty-tasting. If you ask me, its absolute crap! Why anyone would wanna drink it is beyond me!
man1: "lets drink kava"
man2: "yeah!"
man1: "I cant live without my kava"
by googoo 101 September 29, 2006
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a very popular drink in Fiji, commonly made with in a big bowl and is served to special guests in the country.
I tried kava when I visited Fiji and didn't like it very much. I thought it tasted like murky water with a hint of grass (or vice versa). Don't bash me for this, I'm just stating my opinion!
by me_so_pretty May 5, 2006
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