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kassim is a guy who is sometimes tall,cracks alot of jokes mostly ones which are not funny,he has alot of friend and is a womanizer ,he likes curvy girls but once he gets a girl is faithful to her he can be a douche .
there's kassim.
by kanweshutthehellup October 22, 2014
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Kassim is a really peng person with a 10/10 personality he is also tall, and has a fully connected beard. Kassim is a man that you want to marry he is also very caring and protects those around him. He is one of the only people that will have his friends back through anything. Get yourself a kassim .
Is that kassim omg he is sooooo handsome
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Kassim is usually a short boy, breaks girls hearts, ( legs too) most likely going to marry a girl with the letter "A".
Damn Kassim, your one good looking man.
Oh Shit is that Kassim the short kid?
by KollyKane June 03, 2018
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