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Consecutively double faulting three or more times during a game of tennis. May also refer to a number of variants all involving failure during a game of doubles specifically - repeatedly slamming easy balls into the net, awkwardly jumping in the way of a team mates ball and instigating an uncoordinated unforced error, missing the ball entirely, or performing a poor man's version of the Van Damme splits while sliding and then holding the general lower back region.

This is accompanied by profuse swearing (usually in the form of an f-bomb), complaining, and/or blaming inanimate objects and non-existant environmental factors such as 'the wind'. These factors (and others such as breaking things and wiring things up wrong) inherently exist regardless of whether there is a tennis game going on, yet they are an essential component to truly Kaspering something.
(After someone unnecessarily jumps in, and rather poorly, does something that you had covered and were all over): "Wow, you sure Kaspered that one!"

Person 1: "Dude, the server's not working."
Person 2: "Yeah, it's been Kaspered".

(After someone excessively complains about something, for example, complaining the whole way while running 10km): "You sir, are the Kasper of running".
by coneman March 25, 2013
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