kasper is kasper
Kasper: i am kasper
other person: wow you're kasper
by sexymaster58 September 14, 2020
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It means to be 'Awesome','Cool', or a 'Legend'.
" Matey, i scored so badly yesterday, it was amazing !! "

"Dude! Your so Kasper!"
by matey4lyf July 20, 2009
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Pulling a Kasper refers to a sort of dance, mid dance floor. You make this dance by sticking out your pelvis and by putting both hands on your hips you try and look as drunk as you can, sometimes even making this manuever with a full cockatil in your one of your hands. Thus trying to attrack members of the opposite sex for a "one night stand". This dance has a high rate of success.
If it gets late enough I might have to just sack up and make a kasper on the dancefloor.
by Poonluvr March 4, 2008
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the one and only god of fortnite
Never flexes but has more than 1000 wins
Never loses and is always helping bots and meme-ing
Just imagine a TTV and a memer in one
Kasper: Yeet!
Everyone in the fortnite lobby: *dies*
by Mahtais September 23, 2019
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He’s the boy you all dream about! He’s just too perfect, everybody needs a Kasper in their life. When you start to like him, there’s no turning back!!
«Do you like kasper

«Of course i do, who don’t?»
by Bente Knudsen December 31, 2019
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Kasper is one of a kind. A person everyone wants to be friends with. He is not only charming but also mysterious, with his green-grey eyes, dark hair and tanned skin that make you fall in love with him easily. His strong sense for good taste, delicious food, empathy and political correctness make him a very nice-to-be-around person. He is not only the smartest guy you will get to know in this entire universe but also the most endearing one. This "treasure", which is the true meaning of the name was born to be very successful when going his own way. 🔥
Blonde girl: "Have you met Kasper already?"
Her friend: "yes, he is adorable! He is so helpful with everything"
Blonde girl: "I know, that's why he's become irresistible to me" 🙈
by KrazyandBruni November 22, 2021
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A tall person who is smart, sexy, nice, and has the moves. He also is a good musician in guitar and when he plays guitar he has awesome music. He also is the is one of the top 4 best dabbers in the world. When he turns into an adult, he would have 8 girlfriends in his life so far. He would want to be a software engineer.
Person #1: You guys hear that music and see that person dabbing its awesome!

Person #2: I know whos playing that music and hitting the dab, its Kasper from school.

Person #3: I wish I was a Kasper.
by Prof.Hous Pocus April 12, 2016
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