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Kasons are funny, cute and very active people. Kasons are the guy you wish you were with. They can always make you feel good about yourself and can get any girl they want.

Kasons are total ladys men! Eny girl who meets them is always head over heels right away.
Girl 1: " Have you met the new kid?"
Girl 2: "No, whats his name?"
Girl 1: " Kason!"
Girl 2: "Oooh, he sounds hot already!"
by JusticeQueen August 09, 2013
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A person who is good at texting girls but, in real life they are socially awkward when it comes to talking to girls.
Allan was a total kason after texting Jennifer all day but at the football game later that day, she walked past and Allan did not say a word to her.
by Zach Straber December 30, 2011
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dick face.
plays all girls in schoool.
needs to die.
by hudsonexposed November 11, 2017
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a bitch that can't fight and eats dick all day . she rape's lil kids she a slut hoe
tory.u wanna eat this dick for lunch

kason . ofc i do let's fuck in the class room when it time to go to lunch
by sugarbear123 November 26, 2018
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A professional faggot who doesn't care about life. He is known to be a furry, nazi, psychopath, a child molester, and a school shooter.
If you know a fag named Kason, be ready for him to shoot up a school
Look at that fag Kason.
Look at that school shooter Kason.
Allahu Akbar! -Kason
by somebodykillmenow April 19, 2018
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