Kasimming is a movement made by gay partners by pulling each other's genitial's very aggressivly and stretching them violently, to then finally plug it in their own anus.
Habolo24s : 'Kasim was kasimming zain very harshly the other night '

ArtistRicch : 'Say wallah, no way i thought kusum liked syeda g'

Habolo24s : 'yh bro wallah its on the gc g check it.'

ArtistRicch : 'snm'
by BigCokC4 May 15, 2022
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An amazing person who would do anything for their loved ones. Gets along with anyone and is the people's person who is loved by everyone.
by Anonymously anonymous! November 22, 2021
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Abbas Kasim Mulji
Some of abbas’s Traits
1. Abbas is very good at basketball in fact if he was a NBA 2k19 player he would be a defending playmaking sharp shooter
He is a very good defender if he really was “tryharding”. We know this since we have been tracking Abbas down with a tracker in his upper arm to watch what he does everyday. And we are surprised of how good he is at basketball
2. Abbas used to loveeeeee Fortnite. In fact he was so good at it that he could’ve done the best 90s ever.
3. Abbas’s blonde hair. Sometimes he likes to feel fashion so he likes getting that flashy stuff
4. Ali is low key worse than him at everything.jk

by XxRecklxZLion’s slave August 5, 2019
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