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Gender: Feminine
Origin of the Name Karolina: Old High German
Usage of the Name Karolina: Polish, Slovenian, Slovak, Macedonian, Hungarian, Swedish, Norwegian, Danish, German

The most amazing girl on earth, perfect and flawless in every way.
The most gorgeous girl you have ever seen.

She has big beautiful eyes and when she smiles it makes you want to melt
Did you see Karolina at the party? I just wanted to kiss her.
by chris11111 February 03, 2010
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Orgn: Swedish decent, many other influences
(s)(f) Used to describe a very sweet girl, with a fantastic body. Has a beautiful smile and an infectious laugh. Usually has amazing hair. Has a connotation of a multitude of other positive qualities, the only negative being a girl with low self-image. Also, used to describe the best girlfriend you've ever had.
I dunno man, this girl, she's the light in my life, a total Karolina.
by BrainStormin' February 09, 2012
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the sexiest piece of shit around
a really good friend
would kick everyones ass if she could
has a nice ass and body
and sick hair
"dude, did you see that babe?"
"yeah, shes such a karolina!"
by idontwantyoutoknowme April 16, 2009
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Gender: Feminine

Usage: Polish, Scandinavian, Hungarian, Slovene, German

Pronounced: kah-raw-LEE-nah (Polish), kah-ro-LEE-nah (German)

This name means: Tiny and feminine. Suitable only for girls. It is not so popular name. But is usued only in special occasions because they are really cute and may drive you crazy.
Omg shes such a cute Karolina.
by mike_from_cali April 01, 2008
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Is freaking hella awesome and loves pugs!!! You can't go anywhere without her. She is so loyal but fishery you gotta love it.
"Hey did you see Karolina over there?"
"Yeah I really want to buy her a pug"
by Pugs for life March 08, 2017
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A very outgoing person, love to party, is a blonde sometimes, she on the computer 24/7, she crazy with things, she get to hyper that she blasts of the mars, if some does not reply to her text messages you better run the fuck because shit it going to break lose.
i was talk to karolina.

and wat

shes so jummpy that justin bieber will hind in the closet

whos justin bieber

a 11 year old


karolina i hyper acctive she is about to brust with heat
by Hellriser October 22, 2011
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a girl who is great at cuddling and a sexy ass beast
Man 1: hey I wanna cuddle with some hot chick
Man2: ah you should hit up karolina
by Ferber February 26, 2017
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