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Karman is the type of person you would never want to lose, they love to joke around but in their own way. Its a unique way. They are really cute and shy in front of others but the minute no one is looking, the show begins. You can never cry when they are around. They can make you laugh when u can't even smile. They are also so so so pretty. If you find someone like that hold on tight.
Do you have a friend like karman.
by Camiya September 22, 2017
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Karman is beautiful and an amzing friend to everyone she is slim and tall and never pays attention to what anyone says about her. She always listens to everyone’s oppions before stating hers. She is intelligent and witty. She is always moving and going places
If your like Karman your an amazing person!
by As Meridian Luis October 03, 2017
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He’s a average height obese kid with no friends and likes to hang on the outside
by Salli kutty October 10, 2019
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The sweetest girl when you first meet, until the booze is brought out, then shit goes sideways!

Loves to party
Loves tall blonde men

Doesn't cross streets well
Very talkative and dances like an animal
Will move in slowly if not scolded (leaves abandoned items)
Thor: Hey have you seen Karman lately?
Bill: Yeah I heard she got 'requested to leave' the club last night
Thor: Awe damn! Again?
by hawaiianprincess14 March 22, 2017
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Karman is the type of girl that you never want to lose. She is beautiful and amazing to everyone she meets. She is kind and even a bit shy. She is hilarious and cracks the best of jokes. She is someone you can rely on and trust. She is the bestest friend you could ever have.

You could find her hanging out with her boyfriend or friends.
Hey have you met Karman, yeah isn't she in a relationship with Cody.
by UwU cupcakes! November 19, 2019
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Karman usually is skinny and has bleached hair she likes to try and steal other girls boyfriends. She flirts with all the boys at her school. She always says she likes someone else but you know she likes all the guys. She usually plays with boys hair and likes to compete with there girlfriends. Everyone usually wants to fight her.
Is that girl playing with my boyfriends hair

She must be a karman
by Alyssa Smith November 17, 2019
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