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a shy person, once you get to know him you'll realize how sweet he is. Charming, sensitive, protective, very smart, funny, active. They can be very sensitive sometimes, watch your words.
Karam: i like someone
Me:oh k...
Karam:what, you dont care about my life?

See, things can escalate quickly. Sometimes they can just be moody :)
by gingercat20 November 18, 2013
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n. the essence of one's greatness. The part of one's personality that justifies their existence. That which distinguishes one from a worthless pile of molecules.
By losing his karam, Wobbles became Greogg.
by Rob Mac June 28, 2007
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A (usually) nice kid with a HUGE dick, his personality is incredible, and carries himself with swag, has a distinct sense of style, loves brands that aren't cheap but aren't expensive either (Abercrombie, Superdry, Nike, Adidas). He is good at Math, Science, History, Geography, and Spanish, but cannot write an essay for his life...
Overall a nice guy, obsessed with sex, and short girls... Good at some sports, shit at others. Most of all, he has great friends, especially his closest ones. He may not have a GF now, but he will. SOON. 😉
Person 1: YO, That's Karam!

Person 2: Yeah he's so cool

Person 1: Let's go hang out with him!
by WitchDocta0250 June 10, 2018
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“dude i got 8 hoes in my phone
ugh he’s such a karam”
by whereshldiputmyshoes June 11, 2019
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Was a Pig, Was an Elephant, Was a Panda, Was a Monkey but now is a Hypothotamess for saying "a a a a a a a a" when he plays fortnite
Player 1: Oh?! have you heard about this guy karam, well girl but, he keeps saying "a a a a a a" every time i play fortnite with him

Player 2: I heard of him, i also heard that he sucks at fortnite!

Andrew: Why am I friends with him?
by Doctor McDudie May 18, 2019
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1. Irrational through illness: Irrational as a temporary result of a physical condition such as fever, poisoning, or brain injury.

2. Excited: Extremely excited or emotional

3. Also known as Delirious
Omg, I can't believe your being such a Karam right now. Will you stop?!
by Greyndeer December 27, 2018
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