a guy who claps with 5 of his balls
*world peace is established*
kands: *claps with 5 balls*
by ur mother's joe May 29, 2022
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Beautiful and funny Huge flirt with seductive eyes. Will turn into a devil after pretending she’s a Angel she is one crazy Bitch after awhile. But you keep her around because she’s always down to slutty fuck
Fell for a Kande shoulda known an Amazingly beautiful girl that turned into a crazy bitch. Can’t leave her alone because she is always DTF and good at it
by NDA DAWG July 25, 2020
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Complete stripper, but gets paid to put clothes back on because she really shouldn't be stripper
That girl needs to put her clothes back on, her name must be kande
by JabyGurl April 10, 2018
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A beautiful girl, with the most mesmerizing eyes you'll ever see. The sweetest person ever but she can also act absolutely insane. She'll complain a lot so she's gonna be a handful but keep her around because she's fun to bully and tease.
Was speaking to Kande today she wouldn't stop complaining about shit
by AnonymousDuck102438 December 12, 2021
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Kand (is a variant of ok and) is a word used when a retard is lacking a comeback in an argument or roast battle.
Person 1: you are very homosexual
Person 2: Kand
by Landice January 30, 2022
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A kand is a place you don't want to go where bad things always happen
"Oh no don't go there that's kand"
"That kand is a bad place"
by Big Greg February 20, 2018
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When you’re eating a shit load of kandy in a plane that’s landing. The trick is the kandy is code name for ketamine, and you’re eating so much of it that you think you’re taking off instead of landing.
I love kandings. They are my favourite part of traveling.
by Narcoleptic nancy February 21, 2018
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