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A person who is very good at sports especially football. Kamo walks confidently like a boss. This person tends to have the best Mohawk and attracts good looking girls.
Kamo Thage the best footballer in the world.
by Crazynigga December 17, 2013
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She is caring and helpful. She has a calm personality when things tend to get tough. She has a thick and curvey body
I would like to be as caring as Kamo
by Manali Mboko March 26, 2019
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A cool dude, short tempered, can be a dick a times, sporty guy, educated, a motivated guy, a loving guy, chilled, likes cool things, likes to dress to impress girls, walks with confidence so he can get recognized and wants to be respected
Kamo is so cool and buff
by Cool_boii February 18, 2019
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