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Kalub is good humored and will laugh at his own jokes a day later. Always says the most interesting comments that everyone thinks but does not say out loud. A complete contradiction of stereotypes because he stays true to himself. He's the kind that when you ask to kill a bug will save the bug as well, but still complete the task and remove it from the house and leave you dumb-founded that he even touched the bug. He is an attentive friend, and one of the best listeners you could ever credit yourself to knowing. A peacekeeper, and hard worker. More good qualities than bad and the kind of guy you want to spend your time with regardless the time. Most importantly family-oriented and a great Uncle.
Kalub is a cowboy that loves to swing dance.
by PB&Jroadrunner May 31, 2016
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big cock, performs lots of goatsies, makes fun of all the skids, laughs at cave donkeys, has funny glasses molded to his face, gets baked EVERY day, always wants to borrow your phone when baked, master at Call Of Duty Modern Warfare 2, straight A's in every class, licks things... mostly people.
hey look at kalubs huge bumhole, u could fit a couple skids and a cave donkey in there.
by Joostan123 November 19, 2009
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