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An alternative way to to say "ok" while texting. Cooler than kk, but not as racist as kkk.
Person 1: Bro don't forget the beer tonight
Person 2: kakes
by oborawatabinost December 03, 2014
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short of bukkake, and the name for a group of rich white kids who drop hundreds on poker and sell drugs. They also send random gay shit to one another in their own group chat. The whitest version of a gang imaginable. Also referred to as Kake Nation.
"Did you seriously lose $200 in Hold'em last night?"
"Fuck yeah, dude! Kake, baby!"
by DumbLookinAss May 22, 2016
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Gay cartoon creation of Tom of Finland. Notable for his erotic adventures such as "Pants Down, Sailor" or "Raunchy Truckers." KAKE was the ultimate leatherman.
KAKE buggered everyone at the Fisting Fiesta
by Butt Pearson May 22, 2006
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prison slang. used in refference to getting ass raped.
"Yo, you hear A.J got his kakes taken?!"

"Chyea homie, I heard that gringo got his kakes pushed in!"
by RocNyoArea May 29, 2007
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a text lingo used to say ok. similar to kk, just to make it more fun...say kakes
A:can you do me a favor?
B: Kakes
A: thankssss so muchh
by missmarley717 March 24, 2011
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When you eat a cookie and then throw up.
Jason was making kake all over my floor after he ate that donut.
by Pras Hoony October 21, 2004
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