3 definitions by DumbLookinAss

A term that call your friends when they say or do something very idiotic. This term is intended to be used for friends, as this term may either offend or confuse strangers.
"Bro, do you know what time it is?"
"Dude, there's a clock right in front of you. You a Dumb Lookin Ass!"
by DumbLookinAss May 22, 2016
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short of bukkake, and the name for a group of rich white kids who drop hundreds on poker and sell drugs. They also send random gay shit to one another in their own group chat. The whitest version of a gang imaginable. Also referred to as Kake Nation.
"Did you seriously lose $200 in Hold'em last night?"
"Fuck yeah, dude! Kake, baby!"
by DumbLookinAss May 22, 2016
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A term for drinking alcohol or getting drunk. Similar to the term Frisbee, or getting high. Frolf, or Frisbee golf, is very similar to Frisbee, much like getting high is very similar to getting drunk.
"Hey, dude. Did you get frolfed last Friday?"
"Fuck yeah. I think had at least five beers, bro."
by DumbLookinAss May 22, 2016
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