(noun.) Someone is a total dickhead or cock. (verb.) -ing. To screw around, waste time, fucking off, et cetera. See Fuckery.

This word is pronounced "cock", but with a New England accent.
Noun example: "Get a load of that jerkwad over there, what a total kak."

Verb example: "Good job kaking about on that project. Probably blew 20 hours on that, right?"
by TwoEightSixSeven March 16, 2021
Someone that likes ice cream so much, they get fat off of it
He’s so fat! Is he a kak?
by DatBoi778 June 23, 2019
Kak asht mut
by Rronk October 26, 2020
Literally everything. Just replace any noun with kak and it will make sense.
Me: "Your a kak sucker"
David: "Yes bitch"
by amidgetly October 24, 2019
When you hit a shot in basketball in somebody's eye
Bro im open pass the ball *catches the ball and shoots the 3* *swish* KAK
by Delgotit February 24, 2021
Your typical swede. Someone born into the life of a cuckold. One can also earn och receive the honorary title of Kak through being dubbed by the arch Kak of Varna.

Kakrasi is the same but with a large dose of closet racism added. Preferably this is practiced by people of Kurdish descent living Sweden (Kakland)
- Goddag! Fint väder det var idag då.
- You're Kak/Kakrasi!

- He doesn't like immigrants. He's a Kakrasi!
by The typical swede July 2, 2022