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An exercised preformed by the repeated contracting of the vaginal muscles in order to strengthen them to improve sexual performance.
Ever since I started doing kagels I can't use tampons anymore.
by kogashuko May 21, 2005
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an exercise used to keep the pelvic floor in good working condition to maximise the enjoyment of an aging woman's intimate ensure a good grip even at the most advanced of ages.
she did kagels on a daily basis to keep her snapper in good shape
by svetjo July 01, 2005
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The mating of closely related individuals, as cousins, sire-daughter, brother-sister, or self-fertilized plants, which tends to increase the number of individuals that are homozygous for a trait and therefore increases the appearance of recessive traits.
OMG! Travis looks like his family tree doesn't split...He's definatley a product of kageling.
by jhaller8 May 05, 2009
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