wheres kaelen
by Cody5050 November 30, 2020
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A person that people often miss but when people get to know can be really nice and caring. Funny but also kind, this person will have faults but will not deny it. Could come across as a bit of a nerd but in a cool way.
Kaelen can be nice but also mean, but he accepts it
by munchondatcookiedough December 4, 2021
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an amazing girl who can make your heart beat faster than any other :)
Boy 1: Man, I really like her a whole lot!
Boy 2: She must be a Kaelene then!
by pseudonymgirl2 February 20, 2010
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A boy, that you can tell a secret to. He notices when someone has a cunt wedgy. He hopes for the best and cares about his friends. He is tall and very charming, teachers like to give him coffee for free. Kaelen is a Stud. You can't be mad at him for long. MA= Madea
"My ass is torn"....
- "Kaelen must have doggy styled you"
by un#3junavijunkown April 26, 2018
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An act that can be described as crazy/out there that most often occurs when one is sleep drunk or drunk, and ends in absolute hilarity.
Omg that guy over there on the couch just completely pulled a kaelen.
by romerdge December 11, 2009
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A weird, nice, funny, and sometimes clueless and annoying girl that tells you EXACTLY what she thinks. She is artsy and is not afraid to stand up for what she thinks is right.
Kaelen's annoying me about having a sleepover.
by kashlynnwells January 9, 2017
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An absolute nerd & weeaboo. (But is really cool, sometimes...)
Person 1: Hey, have you talked to the new student yet?
Person 2: No but I've heard that she's a total Kaelen!
by kaelensuckslol September 17, 2017
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