A charming and interesting man, he life of the party and is down for anything. Ladies can’t get enough of him and aren’t often after his rock hard abs or his 10inch schlong. Finds amusement in manipulating others and using them to his own gain, a mysterious man.
Alice: I’m planning on having a party who should I invite?
Katie: Bring all the girls and Kadar, there’s enough of him to go around
by HoeLeeSchmit June 22, 2018
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A teen who is some what lazy and barely does any chores in the house hold
by Kadar Woody August 12, 2019
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ugly little fuck with a lebron hariline
Kadar kemp means a kid who has a ugly fucking lebron hairline
by KdrKemp December 17, 2014
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A lady’s man that will do anything for girls
Terrence: Hey Zoe you should give Kadar a chance he’s nice.

Zoe: I will he’s fucking cute
by Radak October 17, 2020
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