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Similar to a mic drop, it’s when you drop shade on someone and end the statement with “kabam!”
You were raised by squirrels, because there’s no explanation for why you like nuts so much and are a total asshole. In fact, your only friends are pigeons, which you like to feed. Alas, they all die because you’re a moron and feed them nuts, as you assume everyone must like the same things you do. All yor friends are dead.

Kabam, Miike!
by Bossy Builder August 21, 2018
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A notorious group of girls who was just amazing! They and the best friends you could ever have they will always have your back if you are part of a KABAM or have the privilege of knowing a KABAM girl you will know of just how awesome they are
kelly: hey did you hear about those KABAM girls?

abbie: yes their just so cool

becky: i want to be one

amy: hey guys we are KABAM!

megan : OMG!
by lilypop1515 October 28, 2010
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