the feeling you get after having excess ketamine that can be overcome by taking more ketamine or next time taking twice as much
dfyu areuif rloeo0fb dhfggnbd
by Jamie November 29, 2003
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driving a vehicle into a physical situation that is extra difficult or impossible to get out of.

(this the obvious extension of the 'real use' related to the drug ketamine- but rather than you, the drug user, being "lost in a k-hole", now you and your car are stuck in a k-hole,)
he took his truck out to spin donuts in that field, and ended up in a k hole

yeah, you can turn right down there, but once you get around that corner you are totally gonna get k-holed
by ~calamity strange~ January 19, 2011
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a swag ass mother fucker.
Can also be referred to as K Swoll if they are particularly large. Hole for short, that is all... swag.
Me: Check out K Hole over there!
You: Damn, that boy got some swag.
Me: For sure... swag
by Ganjmaster October 27, 2011
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A huge problem in a beat-em up game when you pick-up one weapon and have another in hand adn then when you try to whap someone with it than you pick up your original weapon
I wanted to smack jack but I was in a weapon K-hole!
by Finalfighter June 20, 2004
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khole means asome, ill ,and insane

how to pronounce:cole
That was khole!
i am khole!
Jeff hardy is khole
by bluefire666 July 05, 2009
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a weird, curious 13 year old girl who questions her sexuality. Khole loves food, and sleeping she struggles with body Image but at the same time she hoes out in the mirror. Khole’s are the greatest people you’ll ever meet, they’re hella pretty and have a great personality.
Oh you look like a Khole today”
Thanks I looked her up on Urban Dictonary
via giphy
by kremit_vsco sksksksks November 22, 2019
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