1) when you take to much special K and feel like you're sinking

2) a really bad situation you can't get out of.
1) ahh larry took to much special K and he's passed out and drooling

2) fuck I hate this town, it's like we're stuck in the k hole
by cari May 17, 2003
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refers to the feeling produced by ingesting a significant amount of the drug ketamine. One seems to be looking out from a large hole, something similar to tunnel vision.(But much more interesting)
Woosh.........(20 min later)....I just scaled the walls of a huge k hole!!!!
by Green1 October 18, 2006
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The act of joining the involvement of a pointless argument, that never ends. Being pulled into a conversation or discussion that has no real ending or right answer.
IE: You got pulled into the khole and looked like such a douche!
by fightbac February 04, 2010
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a k-hole is an intense caused by taking large amounts of ketamine. when people start taking ketamine a k-hole is the bad part of k. but the longer youve been doing it a k-hole turns in to the reason for taking the drug.also i disagree with one of the other comments you can control a k-hole as lond as your sitting down and have your eyes closed that way you dont think about controling your body and just go back inside your head. then you trip safley with out the risk of hurting your self by falling over.
it is not advisable to try breakdancing in a k-hole. i speak from personal experience. my friend got glass in his foot so the rest of us performed an operation to remove the flass with rusty scissors and a spoon. he couldnt walk for a week after that.
by crops January 07, 2007
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The experience had while under the influence of ketamine (K/Special-K).
Whoa, did you see Chinco totally lost in that k-hole?!
by Tony Rayo May 16, 2003
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May refer to any one of K's bodily orifices.
Anyone who thinks we will find that mine has their head wedged up the K-Hole

If we need more money I can go poke around the K-Hole
by ALittleMoreDorkyStuff April 13, 2010
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