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1. Often referred to something good, usually better than average. Often an expression used to descibe the quality of Marijuana
2. A good, healthy literal shit.
Jon smoked the dank shit before seeing the show

Jon took a dank shit in the bathroom.
by Kyle Ramsey August 16, 2006

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1.The smell that often occurs when a women wipes back to front. 2. A smell often occuring from butt and pussy. 3.An awfull smell, often an insult to a person or thing.
1.My ex-girlfriend smelled like budussy.
by Kyle Ramsey August 15, 2006

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The feeling one gets after doing too much Ketamine. The user usually falls out visualy, however he or she is lead to believe in their mind that they are active. Consumer will have to lasso there brain back before returning to reality, and or basic mental function.
K: Here take this.
J. Damn this is some good stuff......whoaaaaa.
Later that day...............
K. I got fucked
J. Man, I got K-holed
by Kyle Ramsey August 15, 2006

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A city in Washington County, Maryland known as Hagerstown. Hagerstown is also known as the Hub City for it's connection to the B&O railroad and C&O canal. Today it is the interjuction for two major interstates, 81 and 70. Hagerstown is huge connection between north and south, as well as east and west.
Yo B, Let's ditch this popciscle stand and get back to H- town.

by Kyle Ramsey August 15, 2006

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