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"I just saw Mr Lester and Mrs Tate juxtapositioning in the library. D'you think I could get the school to pay my therapy bills?"
by strathvooeyuk November 07, 2007
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1. To juxtaposition
2. To have intense and passionate exchanges with your English teacher
3. The best word choice when discussing everyday topics such as Victorian English literature, filing drawers, the viscosity of blended iPhones, leedling and other mainstream activities or nouns
4. The substitution of another word
5. To win over the girl of your dreams
1. I was about to juxtaposition my girlfriend, but then there was this drill, and she said there was NO way.

2. Example Person 1: Bro, did you hear what went down in the library?
Example Person 2: No, what "went down?"
Example Person 1: Mr. Smith and Senora Wumbo were caught juxtapositioning!

3. Teacher: "Class, what can you tell by the title of this book?
Student: "Well bruh, I mean... Mrs. Generic English Teacher, you can see that the title itself is an example of the utilization of juxtapositioning while the author is telling the reader or readers the title of the novel they are about to embark upon."

4. Man of Ethnicity 1: Yo, what's Gucci mah brudda?

Man of Ethnicity 2: Not much bro, I just was juxtapositioning my checkbook when I realized that I wrote the wrong juxtaposition down and gave the cashier 500 juxtapositions instead of 5!
Man of Ethnicity 3: Mah brudda at least yo wife lets you decided what channel y'all is gonna be juxtapositioning tonight. Mine says we're going to juxtaposition some video with a man blending an iPhone or some ish.

5. Darryl: Mom, it's Darryl, you know, it's pronounced Da-Rail but it's Darryl.
Mom: Yes Darryl, what do you want?
Darryl: I'm calling to let you know that I juxtapositioned to Phoebe Knickerbonkers last night, and she said yes!
by is_that_a_cat? February 13, 2012
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