A friend, buddy. Very popular word in the Netherlands.
Hey man, you're my swa for life.
by Dick_H July 5, 2005
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incredibly cool, perhaps even unbelievably so
read: courtney
god that girl is so swa she never acts a fool.
by courtney March 3, 2005
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Cool, swank, smooth. Used in combination with ginchy to mean "super cool".
1: That boy is so smooth under pressure, he's the definition of swa.

2: Dang, Cassie's new car is gincy-swa.
by Cassie W. April 28, 2004
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used to describe when something is extremely awesome, cool, or indescribable.
Hey Justin I like your hat its ehh pretty swa.
by EmilyEvans February 28, 2008
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smiling with amusement. Because nobody laughs out loud. (lol)
aimperson: then she said he ate it!
aimotherperson: swa
by jack baur February 19, 2007
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SWA - A term used by both sexes, to describe Sex involving two people that have only known each other for a very short amount of time which involves a penis. Also known as Spontaneous Willy Action!
"Gonna get me some SWA tonight!", oh yeah Baaaaby!
by robgrob January 16, 2008
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How’s the SWA doing today?
by Tuppermack March 20, 2019
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