noun. One of those women jumping on trampoline's at the end of The Man Show.
by Stephanie September 4, 2003
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noun- a person you see at the gym who carries around a water jug that exceeds one gallon in capacity. A person who is not content with the water fountain, juice bar, or a normal person 20 oz water bottle, but feels the need to carry a huge container of water, perhaps compensating for something else. normally these guys will be steroid abusers or people who try to look serious when workin out.
the definition of juggie is pretty self explanitory.
by scott schultz June 5, 2007
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One who shits their pants on accident while driving their car.

Pronounced: jug-eed.
Oh shit, I just juggied on my way to work!
by stacers7 November 22, 2011
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Incredibly short jean shorts that a female wears to show off her butt and legs, often resembling the adult version of the jean diapers for babies.
Guy 1: Damn, that girl has some nice looking short jean shorts!
Guy 2: Hell yeah, I wish she would let me into those juggies!

Woman 1: Wow, that girl does not need to be wearing those shorts. What would her momma say?
Woman 2: Yeah, not every girl can pull off a pair of juggies.
by McFigs July 28, 2010
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wow, those juggies sure are talented!
by pix February 22, 2003
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A person who believes anything in the internet (usually used on kids)
Don't be a Juggie, not everything is real.
by Armana Dikinono September 26, 2015
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