Incredibly short jean shorts that a female wears to show off her butt and legs, often resembling the adult version of the jean diapers for babies.
Guy 1: Damn, that girl has some nice looking short jean shorts!
Guy 2: Hell yeah, I wish she would let me into those juggies!

Woman 1: Wow, that girl does not need to be wearing those shorts. What would her momma say?
Woman 2: Yeah, not every girl can pull off a pair of juggies.
by McFigs July 28, 2010
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Another name for Boobs, Breasts, Tits etc. Expanded from the term Jugs.
Phil: 'Check out that lass with the massive Juggies!'

John: 'Nice!'
by Mr Blonde Clifton May 11, 2009
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noun. One of those women jumping on trampoline's at the end of The Man Show.
by Stephanie September 04, 2003
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Someone who thinks for himself, a natural leader who doesn't follow the crowd. One who is unusually tall and skinny. Someone who is accident prone.
Careful! Watch out, don't go pulling a juggy!
by ask me again when I'm awake February 03, 2010
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to become fat or corpulent after a vacation.
Corrie- Hey how was your trip to Italy?
Julia- It was great, i just ate to much gelato and am feeling a bit juggy.
by Ilovebicls January 25, 2009
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