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Of or pertaining to any person, place, thing or idea that is contrary to established norms.
An adult male wearing shorts and sandals with socks is jud.

Used in a sentence: "Look at Jud over there, wearing the L.A. Looks in his hair and buckles on his shoes"
by Colonelpsu April 15, 2008
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Jud is a very uncommon name, loosely translated to crime a jud is usually involved in illegal activities,a jud will do what ever they can to make money and protect them selves ,friend and family, they are natural leaders ,fearless and will always speak their mind
1 he is a jud he doesn’t take cheek from anybody
by Haterslaters November 03, 2018
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A man who checks urban dictionary for every word he doesn't know instead of dictionary.
5:Zabuza> man chars is such a jud
5:Chars!> wuts a jud? I am brazillian and I will check
by azubaz January 11, 2010
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To die, to kill
That guy is so old, he's gonna Jud
He should have packed his parchute, hes gonna jud himself
by Mustoe November 12, 2003
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Billy Casper's opressive brother. Hines shows us the torment Billy is regularly put through by his use of kidney punches and colloquialisms, and the fact that Billy's hawk gets viciously murdered and then thrown in the bin.
Ee ba gum thar Jud, I can know me sen! Kes!
by haze December 29, 2003
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