a white kid that has no ties or relations to anyone urban but still act in an urban "ghetto" way. also a kid who has little or no common sense, and rarely keeps promises.
or a homo.
Whoa, dude stop being a JR right now.
by king of kings sdn April 13, 2007
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A player who played a internet text based myspace game, who acted with such stupidity and ignorance his name became a insult to others.

1.) a stupid person
2.) a stupid descison
related to idiot
You're such a JR.

That is such a JR thing to do.

Dont be so JRish.
by top2bottom March 12, 2009
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Most handsome and talented young rap artist to ever touch the face of the green earth
by Mike Shorey May 20, 2004
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1. Jolly Roger (Bar in Australia)
2. Jolly Rancher (Candy)
3. General Robert's (Bar in Australia) - Abbreviated to JR instead of GR because it soundz better.
1. "I would never go to the JR for a drink by myself at night, unless i wanted to get murdered that is."
2. "Pass me that pack of JR's."
3. "Let's go for a beer at the JR."
by Diego July 18, 2003
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Stands for "Johnny Rocket." When a place gives you bad service, you just shit all over their bathroom and piss all over the walls.
"They gave me bad service at McDonald's, so I JR'ed their bathroom."
by Anonymous March 20, 2005
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A guy that you should never have any contact with. He is worthless and horrible. He cheats on every woman he has been and will ever be with. His real name is defined on the cheaters website. STAY AWAY FROM THIS MAN.
Person 1: Who is that guy that's cheating on his wonderful girl with someone like that thing?

Person 2: He goes by JR.
by SkiesAreDark January 26, 2013
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a person who often tries to steal from fat white people. Often a person of dark complexion.
Segal! Got any funds? Send me some funds. Segal! Get my disk Get my disk
by Anonymous April 25, 2003
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