Someone who tries to show off all their name brand stuff even though more than half the things they are wearing are off-brand
Emma: Yo! Did you see Kevin? Im pretty sure he had some Yeezys on!
Lizzie: Na, those arent the REAL Yeezys, those are so fake. Hes such a fake flexer
by cartman is my fave February 23, 2018
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A mystical creature that lives in the land of mathews. It lives off of protein and greek yogurt. In its spare time it enjoys working on the tumors in its arms. It has been known to download from Hungarian websites and play computer games.
Flexer eat the proetein
by batman8439r58e9t8e December 5, 2012
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Groovy kid approx 5 foot tall with various additional features. Sells himself.
by Jon's Representative on Earth September 19, 2003
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the one and only yoo kihyun of monsta x! he's the best vocalist in the world, with a heart of gold. he is hardworking, funny, sweet, kind, handsome, caring and loves puppies and kids. kihyun is one of the kindest and most sincere people you'll ever come across. he's a fluffy babie and must be protected at all costs. the entire package if you ask me
person #1: who is that? he's a babie
monbebe: that's our young flexer, kihyun!
by mxclub June 17, 2020
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A person who says band kid phrases, and flexes their “DaNk” memes on everybody, and in any situation , they find a way to make it cringy by using cringy memes
-you can also call someone meme flexed
me-“bro i got a quad feed in call of duty”
kids named mitchell-“That’s a big chungus moment my dude
me- “ your are such a meme flexer”
by Johnny Boi M April 18, 2021
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A person (usually with a syndrome and no friends,) that thinks he/she is good at playing the ukulele, but actually sucks, and brings the uke to school and knows less than 10 chords, trying to show off.
River (to Josiah): Kyle is such a ukulele flexer.
Josiah: I know right. He sucks so bad.
Kyle Sweeny: Hey!
Josiah and River in unison: Shut up Kyle.
by Flowers, Brandon February 8, 2018
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