Top definition man who acts like a boy, a liar, generally a horrible person.
2.likes to cheat on women
3.. his balls will usually smell like ass
4. wears fake jordan's but claims they are real
5. gifts fake designer clothes, jewelry, purses, sunglasses trying to pass them off as real
6. his armpits will always stink, just like his feet
7. b.a.n.s.
oh girl,you're not dating a good man you're being played by a jovante cheater liar dirty
by youthejokenow February 19, 2017
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1. a very intelligent person,
usually black,
not that typical black person,
plays football,

2. Name for creative and imaginative.

3. Quiet guy but tarzanish in the bed.

4. Man with huge penis

5. Most jovante's ive meet on the street are black belts in a martial arts and though not seeming like it can beat the living shit out of you.

1. Stop being a jovante

2. Jez you are jovante

3.girl-oooohhh!!!!! jovante!!!!!!
by gregory jr. April 08, 2009
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