the most homosexual person you will ever know. he is believed to be as old as, if not, older than time itself, being an ancient boomer in all facets of his life. he also has severe autism and always lives in darkness with his face often in a eerie haunting shadow similar to that of the monster under ur bed.
Joe: bruh you know jorj?

Joe 2: bruh yeah jorj, hes old af
by bruhmoment069 June 01, 2021
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Jorj is a guy who is always sweet and kind. He is shy, but has a strong personality. He's so HOT! Jorj plays lots of sports and secretly everyone wants to be with him. He will have a crush, but is too shy to tell her. When she asks him out he will say know because, again, he is shy.
Jorj is so hot!
That hot guy, Jorj, is so shy.

I really like Jorj!
What idiot spelt Jorj with j's.
by KittyKat2005 March 27, 2018
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The nickname for a once-blonde famous Central New Yorker teenager turned teenage craze, popular among many females and males alike. He likes to party hard and rock n roll. The name "Jorje" (pr. Whore-Hay) is derived from the first time he bleached his hair, while nobody could remember his "real" name, one person shouted out "Jorje" and it stuck.

In later developments "Jorje" went from a nobody to every girl's dream guy, and every guy's dream pal. Loved by everyone, Jorje lived the high life, gaining a cult-like following from every corner of New York state due to his fun personality, perfect looks, and ability to party like nobody else!
"OMFG it's Jorje let's party!"

"Jorje's here, time to part-ayyyyy!"

"Hip hip, Jorje!"

by Yurtilki591 January 01, 2009
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A modified dirty Sanchez. You get this from eating a dirty whore who leaves poo on your chin.
I realized my bathroom didn't have TP after the chick left a dirty jorje on my face
by pseudatortis June 23, 2010
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jorj ov he jumgle?
jorj jorj jorj ov he jumgle
watxh our 4 tat tree
idk pls help me
by Tom the pro June 28, 2021
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