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a girl who's responsible ,outgoing ,GENIUS , and dramatic (but in a funny way) . she's the kinda girl you'd want to know and are glad you met .usually very shy but once you get to know her she's the one friend you can joke around with all the time .always the over achevier and has a very good work ethic .full of ideas. the one you can call when you need help ,so shes very reliable .

appearance wise she usually has and odd feature that makes her stand out (but in a beautiful way) .what also make her style different is her values ,but its always good to be a little determined at times especially for her style . looks amazing everyday ! and her best accessories are her smile and the small odd feature.

her name may seem odd ,and you'll never guess her name at first but its fitting and suitable once you get to know the personality behind the name . their maybe many nicknames that come with the name jora but the name it self is beautiful already .

usually in a relationship they are the shy one around their partner but once she sees her best friend ,shes a fan girl ! they have a lot of love to give and secretly keep all of it inside .but sometimes expresses it . one small gesture from her can mean a lot .

you would most likely never meet a jora ,but you would be very lucky if you did.
jora is a one of kind person ,rare;irreplaceable
by marcykitty October 01, 2013
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Jora is the name for a girl who just doesn't know how amazing she really is. She is Nice, Loving, Beautiful, Intellectual, and Most Perfect girl ever. She can bring out the smiles of the saddest people. Her Beauty can Light even the Darkest of Places. Her boyfriend may be shy but inside he just cannot stop smiling. Her smile is contagious. Everyone is out of her league simply because she is in a League of her Own.

P.S. She loves math games ;)
"Who's that nerd walking with that Angel?"
"Oh that is Just Jora walking with her Boyfriend"
by MyFutureAndPresent October 08, 2014
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