JoP- "jack off or jerk off pic(s)"
A picture posted by a girl usually on social networking sites such as myspace and facebook intented to be viewed by the opposite sex as a means to get them excited.
Boy- "Hey did you see that girls default? "
Other boy- "sure did. its one of my favorite JoP(s)"
by LeighTzu December 13, 2009
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originated from a misspelling of 'job'; created my two middle school teeni boppers; means: a homosexual paycheck having a nice day
Stop being such a JOP!" "That girl is so freaking joppy, I can't stand it!!
by a neerrd August 02, 2010
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stands for "just off the plane or "just off plane" it is a term used to describe an immigrant from anywhere that is completely new to your country
I nat a JOP I hive geed Englich
by Evike August 08, 2011
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A universal adjective to describe anything, anyone or any type of situation.
Chris was looking jop today sitting next to Joe in Mr. G's class
by AndrΓ© Dijon October 04, 2010
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an acronym: Jar Of Pickles - coming from the latin jarus o pickli, A container, usually made of glass, filled to the brim with vinegar, and stuffed with some type of organic substance, frequently pickles. Pickled cucumbers, pickled tomatoes, pickled plums, pickled infant heads, pickled mangoes! you can technically pickle almost anything!

....and I mean anything.
Bill: Don't open that container (possibly made of glass), containing vinegar, and organic matter: it's a j.o.p.

Harrold: I know i'm hungry!

Buffallo Bill: you eat infants heads?

Hannibal Lecter: ...maybe...

Professor Snape: Cannibalism will not be tolerated. Detention.
by NikosIsGodly July 29, 2009
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Acronym standing for Just Outside of Philadelphia. This term refers to people who consider themselves from Philadelphia when in fact they are from a suburb on the surrounding Philadelphia.
Greg is such a JOP... his myspace location says Philadelphia when he really lives in Delaware County.
by Kartoonizt August 07, 2007
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