a dance used in Memphis similar to buckin
You see Al Kapone buckin and jookin out there
by Mikey Lewis December 23, 2007
jookin - Making your cheddar out there, doin what u gotta do, hustlin n grindin for that bread, cuz fuck a job
now if you want me today, ill be around the way, probably jookin hard for this cheddar. so if you need me babe, just know im in the bay, tryin to keep it movin cuz thats how we get our paper, yea - The Jacka
by Chocolate bardonkey September 9, 2010
a popular club dance in memphis and also in baltimore
remember when Darian was high last night, he was a jookin ass nigga
by fresh azimiz April 21, 2010
term used for people that are jealous and looking at you, an envy look, glare
sonny:yo joka we stupid hot
joka: i kno
sonny: those dudes over der, there jookin at us
joka: i kno let em jook
by JokaSkullz September 1, 2008
1. Fakeing, fronting.

2. To lie about a specific thing as if you're doing better.
You keep jookin if you want, I'm gonna really do it.
by Jackson boy Pill September 7, 2020