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2 definitions by JokaSkullz

a very good infomercial telling about a unique cloth that can hold up to 2o times its weight in liquid,made in germany (you know the germans always make good stuff), you will be saying wow everytime.

(also can be used as an exaggerating wow !!)
sonny:yo patrick
sonny: you ever heard of shamwow, its made in germany you kno the germans always make good stuff
Joka: ya i herd of it, no more waistin 20 dollars a month on paper towels, your throwing your money away.
sonny: yup all i gotta say is SHAMWOW!!
Joka:yup beware of shamwow imitators
Joka: SHAMWOW!!!!!!
JOKA & Sonny: all we gotta say is SHAM...WOW!!
by JokaSkullz September 1, 2008
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term used for people that are jealous and looking at you, an envy look, glare
sonny:yo joka we stupid hot
joka: i kno
sonny: those dudes over der, there jookin at us
joka: i kno let em jook
by JokaSkullz September 1, 2008
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