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Not a transexual; Normal.
Everybody in the world is cisgender...except for trannies. And that's fine, we probably didn't need a word for it but here we are.
by Chocolate bardonkey April 06, 2017

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jookin - Making your cheddar out there, doin what u gotta do, hustlin n grindin for that bread, cuz fuck a job
now if you want me today, ill be around the way, probably jookin hard for this cheddar. so if you need me babe, just know im in the bay, tryin to keep it movin cuz thats how we get our paper, yea - The Jacka
by Chocolate bardonkey September 09, 2010

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word to describe a girl who isn't rail thin. Also not meant to describe a fat girl, but just a girl with some curves/a little meat on the bones. Not a derogatory term at all, in fact something of a term of endearment if anything. It refers to a girl not being too thin, and having just a little something extra to grip onto, hence "grippy"
"Remember that cute tiny chic that used to tend bar at our work? Looks like she's put on a couple pounds since then."
"Yea I saw her last night, looks like she has gotten a little grippy."
"Yea for sure, she looks amazing! i think I'm in love"
by Chocolate bardonkey March 16, 2015

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a fart and a moon together. in order to really be a true foon, you have to put your bare ass close to someones face and fart. it just great.
Before my sister woke up this morning, i snuck into her room and bare ass farted right in her face to wake her up. it was quite a foon! thats right, i fooned her good! then i got kicked in the nuts.
by Chocolate bardonkey September 16, 2008

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