not to be confused with the perverted definitions placed before this hilarious word was invented, it officially means

The movement of the male anatomy (AKA; the penis) by an external force
(ie: wind, hand, body movement, the act of masturbation, erection)
to flop up and down excitedly
When the person ran with boxers in gym shorts, his weenis jongled uncontrolablly
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the act of jongling is when a girl grows her pubic hair to a considerable length and then urinates and has a period so the pubic hair can be sucked dry by thier partner (male / female).
"ed and greg thought tea bagging was cool but when i jongled my girlfriend lucy and told them they were very impressed" said rob.
by gweggyy April 03, 2006
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a rabbit and or a cute creature and or what you call some one with a unprenounceable name
person a " wow thats a pretty cute jing jang jongle you got there "
person b " why thank you mondo "
by hizza July 19, 2006
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Jongle is the other definition of jungle which came from Indian language. Formerly it is known by bushy area.
It's not a big jongle, where you can hear the bark of tigers.
by Jackfeast April 10, 2016
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