Joints come in 2 main types:
- Hinge (allows movement back and forth)
- Ball and Socket (allows movement in all directions)
Both move can freely in their repective paths of movement, provided nothing gets in the way.

Joints are generally found in one of 2 instances: in the body, or in general (non-biological) terms.

1) An area at the end of 2 bones where muscle tissue connects to create a moveable part (biological joint). This could be a finger (hinge) or possibly a shoulder (ball and socket), among other things.

2) Any connection between 2 objects that allows movement. This could be found on a door's hinge (hinge) or a trailer hitch (ball and socket), and more.
1) The bullet got lodged in his shoulder joint

2) The rusty joints made a creaking sound
by IllTakePoint November 14, 2009
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usually a blunt, but in central Florida and other parts of the south, it simply means a song
Did you hear that new Rick Ross joint on 102 Jamz?
by DangerousZANE June 08, 2006
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where did the joint go?
pass me the joint.
by nez December 30, 2003
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a joint is weed rolled up in a thin paper dats made for putting tobacco in 2 make ur own cigerette or 4 ur weed, or wat evr 2 want it 2 b 4
want a hit of dis joint
by none ya buiznaz bitch January 11, 2007
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A roled up stick or mary-j often homemade many times sold from person to person.
O shit put that jo-int down the popoes r coming!
by ?? January 31, 2003
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A joint of meat is traditionally found in British butchers shops. It is a piece or slab of meat, usually Beef, Pork or Ham (Gammon) which is rolled and then tied off with string ready for cooking. Although, many Brits will now refer to most large pieces of meat as “a joint of meat”, though this is technically incorrect.
How much is that joint of beef?
I’m looking for a nice pork joint for the Sunday roast.
by Dogsoldier July 13, 2010
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