When you want something obscenely/aggravatingly large to fuck off because of its annoying existence or presence.
person 1 : "can you get the salt please"
person 2 : "no Johns big fuck off ego is in the way"


person 1 : "Why isn't the traffic moving"
person 2 : "Because that big fuck off truck crashed in the middle of the road"
by jamzyyyy January 15, 2019
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About 8
The big fuck off tent holds about 8 people
by DimHammer February 25, 2017
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A spider so big it makes you think to yourself fuck that.
There is a big fuck off spider up there fuck this I'm out
by hgddbjyfxsgjigxdgjkff February 24, 2017
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peculier shoes often worn by grayham
he's wearing big fuck off loafers...GET HIM!
by DOYTS! February 11, 2005
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A jeep driven by some 40 year old rich prick who doesn’t know how to drive over 40km/h and takes up the whole road .
Look at your wan driving the big fuck off jeep
by Surelook February 12, 2023
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