Little town in upstate New York, about an hour from Albany. Can you spell scummy? Probably not if you're from Johnstown. One of the best football programs in the Sir Bills Circle. If you've ever been here, you've probably lost some brain cells. The education system is terrific with foreign language options ranging from Spanish to Spanish. 90% of the fast food industry's employees are from this beautiful city. If you're smart enough to get out of here, do it.
What's the difference between a garbage can and Johnstown?

One's foul-smelling, filled with trash, and absolutely disgusting. The other one's a place where people put their garbage.
by Washington slept in my house January 29, 2014
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The place normal Gloversville folk flee to to avoid breeders zombies and thugs that took over their once fine city!
by jimmyjamz July 7, 2015
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The hometown of potheads and well fair. All the druggies should probably move because their drug money will be gone when their kids get shot in school. Or maybe the government will move for you when you get evicted.
Johnstown is the place to go if you want to get shot
by Gshhudhhd December 7, 2019
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A small town full of nasty ass hoes who like to accuse their ex’s of knocking them up then faking losing a kid, they also had really bad aids
Girls that live in Johnstown are nasty as fuck
by Real_ass_bitch4200 April 10, 2019
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Would have been a beautiful lake after the flood, but instead they brought it back to be a failed dilapitated mining town
It's to bad they didn't leave Johnstown, PA under water
by Hempknight419 October 6, 2019
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A college prank that probably has other names. Most commonly played in college dorms. The act of filling a trash can about halfway with water. Then you lean said trash can against a door. Knock on the door and run like hell. When the sucker goes to open the door, they get the onslaught of the water, going everywhere.

I call it the Johnstown Flood as I attend the University of Pittsburgh at Johnstown, and the name fits perfectly, if you're familiar with the town's history
When you Johnstown Flood someone, don't get caught. The "flood waters" can do some serious damage

Try at your own risk!
by UPJ jack October 17, 2009
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The feeling of dread and hopelessness that occurs when one visits or unfortunately lives in Johnstown, Pennsylvania. This syndrome causes everyone to become angry out of spite and be extremely rude to one another. The only thing going for this town is the amount of massive, devastating floods that have killed the entire town. If you’re lucky… maybe you’ll be in the next one and get flushed down the Conemaugh like your coal cracker ancestors.
~cut off in traffic by a lifted dodge pickup shooting black smoke~

“Dude, there’s too many coal crackers in this town with Johnstown Syndrome. I gotta get out.”
by Moist poss yum June 23, 2022
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