The asshole of the universe. An urban area in upstate NY that is overrun by crackheads and drunks and welfare families with daily baby momma drama. Full of busted ass buildings and out of work leather mills, dirty, scummy and home to the stupidest people on the planet.
"Have you ever been to Gloversville?" "Yeah, I came home with crabs, VD and a crack addiction"
by LRF518 December 06, 2008
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A city in upstate New York, home to some of the most disgusting people on the planet. In Gloversville, it is the norm to lose your virginity at age twelve and smoke pot and get drunk by the age of thirteen. By fifteen, most girls have had at least five sexual partners. A pregnant teen is nothing unusual, and is usually thought of as a joke by young pregnant teenagers. The goal of most teenagers and adults is to live on welfare for the rest of their natural lives and have child after child so as to gain more money. Only occasionally do you see a teenager that wants to make something of themselves. If you were raised correctly and aren't a slut/druggie/alcoholic in high school, you are usually considered a loser.
Seriously, don't come to Gloversville unless you absolutely have to. I'm not even fucking kidding.
by can't wait to get out of here February 21, 2011
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