A phrase derived from a sketch on the pedophile special episode of Brass Eye (a satirical programme by Chris Morris). In the sketch a distinction between Good AIDS (haemophiliacs, blood transplant patients) and Bad AIDS (homosexuals, drug users) was made by a "Robert Kilroy-Silk"-type character.
"You've got BAD aids!"
by Jack Ketch July 01, 2004
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a scabby man who lives at home with his parents, would have a nick name like muscles.
mr elms of morrisons retail projects looks like bad aids
by ret proj November 27, 2007
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You know you're screw when you have this. Bad aids is commonly referred to as "proper aids" or just "aids" for short. Not to be confused with good aids e.g. first aid or hearing aids.
Craig's a goner. He's slept with way too many men & now he's got bad aids.
by Superostia7 June 28, 2006
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the opposite of Good Aids. it originated from a man called Chrispy, a simple HMV worker from newbury.
its symptoms are rubbishness and a gay smell
it is now often used as an insult.
Yuriko has bad aids of the hair
eeww you have bad aids
dont kiss him he has bad aids
by PsYKs July 01, 2004
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A classic "I Did Your Mom Last Night" block. Used to intimidate bullies, with a quick comeback.
Guy: Dude, I Did your mom Last Night.

Guy: Well, too bad she has aids.
by steven March 03, 2005
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