1 aka a real job; a job with heath insurance; as opposed to an internship or the wonderful world of retail

2 a primary job; a day job
This isn't just another interview. This is for a job job.

I'm an editor--primarily of technical documentation for my JOB job, but I also dabbling in things like web site authoring on the side.
by mandingoe June 6, 2004
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As another definition stated, also known as a real job.

The type of job one typically goes to College and/or University for.

When hired by a 'job job', it's no longer something you're only doing for the paycheque until something better comes along. A job job is a serious job you're dedicated to and intend to make a career out of.
I have an interview for a job job tomorow morning. If I get this job then I can finally get my career off the ground and quit the shit job I'm in.
by Annoymous January 27, 2005
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A Job Job is what you've finally gotten after putting in countless hours writing your resume for, and gone on countless number of interviews for. It's respectable, it pays well, it has benefits and you don't have to mumble when you tell people where you work!
I can finally quit that McJob I've had to work at ... I got a JOB job!
by SteveE June 16, 2005
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Completing a job
Once the job is complete you have jobbed the job
Husband : Be a good wife and make me a sandwich

Wife : Already have , Job Jobbed
by Ollie Icon James November 6, 2011
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This is the sexual act whereby one lover sucks poo out of the anus of the other. This word takes the form of blow-job and hand-job. The first job is therefore a shortened version of the word jobby which is slang for poo.
This need no example as it speaks for itself
by Donna-Marie Houston June 18, 2004
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Not unlike its Predecessor, the mighty job job, a Spicy job job is enjoyed after a night of fine indian cuisine. Once the excramment is past in solid form it is later frozen or chilled depending on your preference and viscosity of the movement. Once prepared the now very hard and very chilly jobby is gently sooked by the participant in a blow job manner, hence forth the jobby is now orally enjoyed much like a popsickle. Spicy onions are a must have for this fiery delight adding texture and punch to this fierry treat.
Me and Mary got tore right into a right spicy job job last night. That was a scorcher!!!!
by Mr Gunshow February 8, 2010
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an odd job bob a job bob does odd jobs for the odd bob, or to put it a different way - A person who never has a propper job and makes money by doing odd jobs here and there, for example painting Alberts shed for a tenner or washing cars for a quid a time. Usually they make most of their money by claiming dole though, and only do odd jobs because they get paid cash in hand.
Dave: That Bob is a right odd job bob a job bob
John: Hows that then?
Dave: 'Cuz he does odd jobs for the odd bob.
by MJ October 26, 2003
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