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Someone whom has bad spilling and Grandma
Freefrag your a stuipt idiot
by Annoymous July 17, 2003
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A craze in the 1980s when seizures were popular.
That song brings back memories from Seizuremania.
by Annoymous January 19, 2005
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the illest town in North Carolina and no other town in North carolina can see it.
yo son u going to Tarboro?
hell yea nigga Tarbor is the shit cuz it has one thing that no other town has...shay!
by Annoymous October 24, 2004
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Like "walk of shame," term refers to college students who use university affiliated call-a-ride services to return home after sleeping with someone and spending the night in their dorm room. Seen as a convenient attempt to avoid embarrassment associated with the "walk of shame". Term thought to have originated from University of Maryland, College Park, where evening transportation services are innundated with calls from hung-over freshmen who do not want to be seen walking home.
Sally: I got a Nite Ride home from Johnny's frat house this morning.
by Annoymous December 4, 2004
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As opossed to a shit job or McJob. A real job is a job that pays well, generally involves doing work you enjoy and has at least some level of security because it involves skills that require training enough that helping out an employee that's having difficulty is less expensive then training a new one.

A real job is one that has the potential for advancement. As well, a certain degree of professional behavior is normally expected of employees and the managment.

That's in theory that is.

Unfortunatly, in reality, real jobs are rare in this day and age. With so many trained and skilled people out there, job security doesen't exist in them as they offer little in the way of training and can get new employees from a pool of countless job seekers. As a result, the pay these jobs offer is way down and employees are growing increasingly more often treated as disposable and with little more respect then beasts of burden.
I'm only in this shit job until I get a real job.

Man, I wish I could get a real job but even entry level ones want five years experience to start.
by Annoymous January 27, 2005
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to inform some body or to hook them up with something
yo dunn put me on with that girl you know round your way
by Annoymous October 25, 2004
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Please refer to dragon042.
Refer to dragon042.
by Annoymous February 10, 2005
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