(jam my line) when you want some one to text you. similar to hmu or hml
by dyde July 20, 2019
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Josh my life. You say it when you do something intelligent. The name josh refers to an extremely intelligent boy in high school who has a grade point average of 5.5.
"I got an A+ on my chemistry test! JML!"
by thelonestranger556 November 19, 2009
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Diandra: i was booty poppin so chicly and fiercely with a bit of etherealness

Bomquiqui: that is fierce and chic gurl
Diandra: ya but i queefed when my bf walked in. JML.

Bomquiqui: ooh gurl.....
Diandra: ya ikr
by mizz werk July 20, 2009
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Meaning to use a specific tcp/udp protocol to work round certain access limitations, performed by using SSH.
I couldn't get into that switch directly but I used the JML protocol to get round it.
by trouble365 August 25, 2010
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A YouTube channel where a Milker talks oddly while doing art stuff.
Have you seen JmL Art milk that cow last week?
Of course he’s such an earlobe!
by Ze JmL Ambasodor August 4, 2020
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