A person (usually male) with alarming proficiency in all things jizz-related. Since this insult will usually be interpreted as considerably homophobic, you may want to avoid using it in the vicinity of furious flamingos. I find it to be more effective as an adjective, which also conveniently takes some emphasis off of the ever-so taboo gay bashing aspect. A perfect example of a jizzwizard candidate would be one of your poor (aka not rich) friends resorting to acting as a beer queer in order to satisfy his alcoholism. The act itself is not what deserves the ridicule, but the pathetic nature of his financial status. If we've learned anything from the wise Patrick Bateman, it's that poor people require considerable derision. (I hope people take that last tangent seriously.)
Jose Contreras: You cock worshipping jizzwizard! Stop touching my radio!
Bruce Lee: (stares a hole into Contreras' skull) Wow, homophobes are awesome.
Jose Contreras: ...I'm sorry, you can have my radio?
by benny b from the bronx August 16, 2007
A woman or man who knows all origins of male sperm, in all its glorious forms.
Damn, that bitch is old... I bet shes a JizzWizard!
by Angus October 10, 2004
We're gonna need a jizzwizard in the vip area someone just busted a double wide load on the floor