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literal meaning: liver.
traditionally, since liver has to do with blood distribution and is so important to life, this has become an affectionate way of calling to someone you like or love.
romantic yet less common. persian background.
by sanaz March 26, 2005
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Urdu slang for a friend ... can be used in english as 'Jigs'
jigar kaisa hai ... where are u jigs
by khuram April 15, 2007
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A famous puppet character featured in Kolah Ghermezi TV show.

Also refers to people to desperately search for a meaning in their name using Urban Dictionary
jigaram jigaraaaaam jigaaaaaar!, "said Jigar."

what a Jigar is this girl who is looking up her name in here.
by Karmastic August 17, 2018
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Verb Pronunciation = Jig-er
To lightly and quickly move your hand up and down a persons fore arm several times.
"You've been Jigarred", "Jigar him"
by Chuckomuffin November 08, 2006
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a midget.
when people think of midgets, the last thing they think of is a whore.
but not in this case.
Jigars come equipped with a small package but they walk around like they actually have something hanging down there, when in all actuality they don't.
They act tough and hard but are pacifisits deep inside.
CHEAP... yes, they wear the finest clothes but refuse to pay for a subway sandwich for the girl they claim to love.
all in all, they are a waste of time.
if you want to contact him, you can find him attending a college that doesn't really exist.
Sarah: Do you know Jigar?
Nicole: Oh, is that the guy that didn't pay for his girlfriend's sandwich when she didn't have any money?
Sarah: Yep, that's him alright.
Nicole: hm... well he walks around like he has a stick up his ass
Sarah: Oh yes, his face totally gives it away
by Kamil Tow Puhtal November 12, 2007
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it's sort of word with a wide range of meanings, such as sexy girl, baby, honey, ....

Jigar is a Persian slang
A: Oh my God, she is so Jigar?!!!
B :yeaaaahhh, she is so hot

A: i miss you Jigar, i wana see you tonight
B :i miss you too , 8 pm will be good for you?
by vahiido September 02, 2018
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