to be chotched aka jibber-chotched
by swed September 1, 2004
A handjob, shorthand: Jib
Verb: To Jib
"Pleeeeeeeeease give me a jibber"
"She gave me a jibber last night, it was a real jibbly one"
by Jibblyjobblywonder September 1, 2019
Someone who speaks jibberish, a made-up language, or speaks a language poorly.
"She tried to speak Spanish but, she's just a Jibber."
"Quit speaking crazy talk, you Jibber."
by BritishWordsAreAwesome October 7, 2011
Did you get laid last night?
Nope, but I did get a jibber.
by Woodyinahoodie September 21, 2018
"Hey let me have a hit off that jibber you rolled.."
by btezra October 24, 2002
A freeskiier that hits rails and jumps
Yo that jibber just hit that sick S-rail.
by Matt Feldman May 14, 2005