Just Fucking Google it. You say it when somebody asks a stupid question.
Dude #1: hey dude, what does JFGI mean?
Dude #2: Just Fucking Google it yo.
Dude #1: I tried but i couldn't find anything.
Dude #1: bro. i already tried that. don't be mean.
Dude #2: bro, your an idiot.
by abdoo mustafa November 12, 2006
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Just fucking google it.
Used when people ask stupid questions without asking google first.
<classyhorse23> I had to google "jfgi" to see what it meant. The irony is overwhelming.
by hourspast yo May 15, 2007
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Jogging for gay inmates
Joe felt extremely out of shape, and horny in a homoerotic prison fetishist sort of way, so he took the day to go jfgi and satisfy all his cravings at once.
by lesilentmoo June 15, 2010
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Just Fucking Google It.

Acronym. Usually found on public forums as a response to a st00pid question.
nick_012: Whos buried in grants toom?
GCmax: JFGI!!!
bohica69: doh! u got pwn3ed!
by Great Cthulhu November 17, 2004
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Jewish Federation of Greater Indianapolis
2. just facking google it
Joe: i just joined the Jewish Federation of Greater Indianapolis!

Bob: don u mean jfgi?
by onewhodies November 16, 2010
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Just Fucking Google It. Brought about by the interminable need of a transnational company to have employees acronym everything and anything. The more obscure the better.

If you are annoyed with the inanity of the question posed feel free to add "Bitch" to your discourse, see example below.
Robert Zoellick: "I don't know what Entropy means"
Everybody: "JFGI Bitch!"
by Haserl April 10, 2008
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This is an acronym which stands for: Just Fucking Google It.
It is used as an exclamation of frustration when a person is asking you questions that could easily be answered with a simple Google search.
"What do u think the latitude of Paris is?"

"idk, JFGI!"
by urbanical May 23, 2008
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